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T&N Lawn Care

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Yard clean up



Your home is your castle - We’ve all seen the occasional property that lets its lawn maintenance go to the point where tall weeds and overgrown bushes seem to be the only features on the lot. It makes the property very unattractive, unsightly, and also a potential fire hazard during the dry summer months. To reduce this risk, lawns should be kept mowed and all yard waste such as dry grass, cut tree limbs and brush should be properly disposed. A well-maintained yard is also an effective crime prevention tool. Lawns that are not being cared for give criminals the impression that the property is unattended and might be an easy target for criminals.

T&N Lawn Care takes curb appeal very seriously for many reasons.

1- Pride of ownership - Your daily mood can be affected by the way your lawn looks. An out of control lawn can leave you feeling unaccomplished and disappointed in your living situation. A well kept lawn promotes positive self esteem and pride of ownership!

2- Curb appeal - How you maintain your property can also affect your neighbors outlook on you and your family, creating new opportunity's for a more united neighborhood.

3-Pest management - A properly maintained landscape can prevent invasion of a large variety of pest in and around your home. This eliminates the need for unnecessary use of chemicals that may be harmful to children and pets.

                   These are just a few of many very important reasons to properly maintain your landscape. We at T&N Lawn Care take pride in our ability to rejuvenate neglected or improperly maintained yards. Just like any works of art, every home is different. Some can be restored in a day and others may take more time. Either way the end the results are the same... Beautiful!!!